Success Stories

I have a business that sells tooth brushes
Corporate Courtships™ introduced me to a company that has loads of people with teeth. We have been together ever since. His customers are happy because they now get a great deal on toothbrushes, he's happy because he's making commission and he makes me happy because I'm getting more sales.'


We just increased our Sales by 20% because we found complimentary products to sell to our existing customers."Your company name could be here?

create your own love story


  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Offer new products to your customers
  • Sell your products / services to your new partners' established customers
  • Give your customers special deals and discounts on related products / services
  • Sell your products in new countries
  • Marriage? It's not for everyone, but if you really match, maybe you will want to make it permanent
  • Acquisitions & Disposals (We promise to be discreet)
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If you're not ready to give it a go just yet, give us a call to discuss your concerns on 0845 2302083 or email us at

This platform allows us to identify Disposal, Acquisition and Merger opportunities without you having to declare your intentions publically.  We can spot potential purchasers for your business and let you know about them.

You can dip your toes in at a speed that suits you.

If you need some help first, we can give you Marketing Support, Sales Training and Sales Coaching to get you ready for the dating scene.
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